We are in the business to provide each of our customers with the best cake available and intend that they be the best tasting as well as the most attractive. Noland’s occasion cakes are widely used for birthdays, receptions, and office parties. Creative designs and drawings, including company logos, are prepared freehand by our in-house artists.

Cake Flavor Cake Fillings Frosting
Classic Flavors
White Strawberry Jelly Non-Dairy Whip Cream
White Confetti Strawberry Cream Chocolate Cream
Yellow Raspberry Jelly  
Chocolate Raspberry Cream  
Marble Lemon Jelly  
Strawberry Lemon Cream  
Strawberry Swirl Pineapple Jelly  
Lemon Pineapple Cream  
Lemon-Pineapple Vanilla Custard  
Premium Flavors
Red Velvet Bavarian Cream Butter Cream
Vanilla Bean Fresh Banana Cream Cheese
Banana Cinnamon Apple Chocolate Fudge
Banana Nut Cherry Choc-Butter Cream
Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Strawberry Mousse Maple Butter Cream
Chocolate Nut Strawberry Cream Cheese Maple Cream
Chocolate Mint Raspberry Mousse Mint Cream
Coconut Cream Raspberry Cream Cheese Coconut Cream
Lemon Poppyseed Lemon Cream Cheese  
Spice Peanut Butter Cream  
 French Vanilla Coconut Cream  
 Dark Chocolate Chocolate Mousse  
 Dark Chocolate Chip Chocolate Mocha Mousse  
  Mint Cream  
  Chocolate Fudge  
Specialty Flavors
White Champagne Amaretto Custard Coconut Pecan
Cookies and Cream Amaretto Cream Cream Cheese
Carrot Rum Cream Maple Buttercream
Chocolate Grand Marnier Rum Custard  
German Chocolate Grand Marnier Cream  
Yellow Rum Raspberry Chambord  
Yellow Amaretto Oreo Cookie Cream  
Yellow Grand Marnier    
Carrot (Sugar Free)    
Chocolate (Sugar Free)    
Yellow (Sugar Free)    
Chocolate (Gluten Free)    
Yellow (Gluten Free)    
White Confetti (Gluten Free)    
Tres Leches    
Mocha Tres Leches    
Vanilla and Chocolate fondant icing also available at an additional cost.
Some custom designs may require fondant.